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Phys 1120[edit]

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Test 1 corrections[edit]

2) For problem 2, I didn't use the Delta X equation to find the meters, I only used the km and converted that number to meters. That caused me to get the wrong answer on the test.

4) For problem 4, I put that low density rope would have a higher frequency but the longer I looked at the problem, I realized my error in that the lower density of the rope, the higher the speed on the wave would be and not a higher frequency.

7) For problem 7, again I used the Delta X equation wrong. I had the right steps and equation, I just didn't put the correct numbers in their places and ended up getting the wrong answer.

8) For problem 8, I put 2.9 instead of 2.9*10^3 and I put 3.8 instead of 3.8*10^-3 to get them into the right measurements and squared them after multiplying them and dividing them by 2.

10) For problem 10, I forgot that it was positive interference when both pulses were going towards each other no matter if they're on the top of the line or underneath it.

14) For problem 14, I kind of forgot how to do this problem so I didn't really know what equations to use, but after when I got the chance to take the graded test home I looked and saw what equations to use and how I could've gotten the answer to the test question correct.

Test 2 Corrections[edit]

6) For questions six, I got all the work right I just forgot to multiple by 1/2 to get the right answer of 8.9*10^-3

8) For question eight, I didn't multiply then take the square root right to be able to get the right answer of 2.32*10^2

10) this question was counted towards extra points if we were able to figure it out. To get the right answer, you have to take the density and multiply it by pi then divide it by 4 and thats how you get A. You then take the density divide it by 63.54 and multiply it by 1000 and avogadro's number to get 8.337*10^28. To find the drift velocity you take the amps and divide it by what you got for the last step, your constant of 1.6*10^-19 and what you got for Ato get the right answer of 1.2*10^-4.